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Gifts for Men

Find the perfect gift for the special men in your life right here at The Added Touch! We've got a superb selection of gifts for dads, husbands and friends of all ages: men's clothing and accessories, games, gadgets and lots more.


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    Quick Look Personalized Notebox
    Personalized Notebox Jot it down! Our smart, little desktop Personalized Notebox organizer makes a great gift. Have one for yourself as well. Leather like cover with stitching detail and three gold foil initials. Blank note paper included. Imported. 3¾"w, 3½"d, 1"h. Specify three initials.
  • Quick Look Eternity Flashlight
    Eternity Flashlight
  • Quick Look Hide-a-Way Key Fob
    Hide-a-Way Key Fob
    $12.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look Biker Gnome Garden Sculpture
    Biker Gnome Garden Sculpture
    $24.99 $8.99
  • Quick Look Ultimate EZ Flame
    Ultimate EZ Flame
    $16.99 $8.99
  • Quick Look 8-in-1 Survival Key Tool
    8-in-1 Survival Key Tool
    $8.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look Red Dynamo Wallet Tool
    Red Dynamo Wallet Tool
    $8.99 $6.99
  • Quick Look Essential Fishing Tool
    Essential Fishing Tool
    $12.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look Personalized Hiding Out Plaque
    Personalized Hiding Out Plaque
    $16.99 $6.99
  • Quick Look God Promised! Plaque
    God Promised! Plaque
    $17.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look Wish You Were Hair Visor
    Wish You Were Hair Visor
    $24.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Fish Fear Me Folding Chair
    Fish Fear Me Folding Chair
    $39.99 $24.99
  • Quick Look Afternoon Person Mug
    Afternoon Person Mug
    $9.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Condiment Gun
    Condiment Gun
    $19.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look Automobile Emergency Breakaway Tool
    Automobile Emergency Breakaway Tool
    $16.99 $8.99
  • Quick Look Emergency Air Compressor
    Emergency Air Compressor
    $29.99 $16.99
  • Quick Look Umbrella Hat
    Umbrella Hat
    $8.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look I'm Not Bossy Plaque
    I'm Not Bossy Plaque
    $19.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look There, I Fixed It Book
    There, I Fixed It Book
    $14.99 $9.99
  • Quick Look Greatest Dad Mug
    Greatest Dad Mug
    $9.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look The Fisherman's Motto Plaque
    The Fisherman's Motto Plaque
    $19.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Perfect Office-to-Go
    Perfect Office-to-Go
    $8.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look The Perfect Wine Rack
    The Perfect Wine Rack
    $24.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Mallard Duck Call
    Mallard Duck Call
    $19.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Dancing Hula Girl
    Dancing Hula Girl
    $6.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look Stupid Sports Book
    Stupid Sports Book
    $14.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Octopus Pen Holder
    Octopus Pen Holder
    $24.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look The Psalms of David Book
    The Psalms of David Book
    $34.95 $26.99
  • Quick Look All-in-One Fix-it Tool
    All-in-One Fix-it Tool
    $29.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look Pocket Utility Tool Key Chain
    Pocket Utility Tool Key Chain
    $9.99 $6.99
  • Quick Look Wish You Were Hair Cap
    Wish You Were Hair Cap
    $17.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Memory Plaque
    Memory Plaque
    $17.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Weather Station Key Chain
    Weather Station Key Chain
    $19.99 $8.99
  • Quick Look Natural Born Griller Tee
    Natural Born Griller Tee
  • Quick Look Walk Bright Lighted Cane
    Walk Bright Lighted Cane
    $69.99 $18.99
  • Quick Look 12,000 Dreams Interpreted Book
    12,000 Dreams Interpreted Book
    $14.95 $9.99
  • Quick Look 9-in-1 Multi-Use Tool
    9-in-1 Multi-Use Tool
    $29.99 $16.99
  • Quick Look Magnetic Tool Arm Band
    Magnetic Tool Arm Band
    $19.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Car Massage Cushion
    Car Massage Cushion
    $29.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look 5-in-1 Multi-Tool Ax
    5-in-1 Multi-Tool Ax
    $34.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Amazing Omni-Charge
    Amazing Omni-Charge
    $24.99 $9.99
  • Quick Look Suck it Up Tee
    Suck it Up Tee
  • Quick Look Wine Bottle Opener
    Wine Bottle Opener
    $9.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Thinking Cap
    Thinking Cap
    $17.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Tattoo Oven Mitt
    Tattoo Oven Mitt
    $24.99 $19.99
  • Quick Look Grillmeister Apron
    Grillmeister Apron
    $22.99 $18.99
  • Quick Look Jellyfish Paperweight
    Jellyfish Paperweight
    $34.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Natural Born Griller Apron
    Natural Born Griller Apron
    $17.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Alrightythen Cap
    Alrightythen Cap
    $17.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look Desktop Paradise
    Desktop Paradise
    $10.95 $7.99
  • Quick Look Natural Born Griller Cap
    Natural Born Griller Cap
    $12.99 $8.99
  • Quick Look Act Old Later Tin Hanging
    Act Old Later Tin Hanging
    $34.99 $12.99
  • Quick Look The Duck Commander Family Book
    The Duck Commander Family Book
    $27.99 $19.99
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